True Love is Chinese said "缺陷美" There's no man can be perfect, not mention woman is second to man.Even to be Michael Jorden or Michael Jackson cannot be easy like a snap, not mention to deserve that best luck to find your only true love woman ( 買屋That how woman must always hold herself back, no matter how much she knows that she really loves him, because if she does not have that best will and strength and patience to hold 酒店打工 herself back, the best option left to her must be enjoying very short happiness, and be that long long long toughest widow to rely on his die young husband to keep his love to her to earn their next lov G2000ing time, or both of them must have to lost their good luck to find or meet the only love; in that good luck lost case, he can only rely on his own best will and best strength to become a precious stone; she can only rely 土地買賣on her own best will and best strength to become a good ghost [That how black must do the best not to give birth of girl, if unfortunately a black girl is brought into this world, black man must do his duty to kill her before or immediately 酒店兼職 after she lose or lost her virgin. Because Black woman is "Young" race, "Inn" form, after she dies, she lost her "Inn" form, she has no way to be a ghost, the best luck a Black woman can have is to become a lifeless sand, yet, black woman is naturally "Young.P 烤肉食材hone.Inn.Way" sinner, to demand or expect her to be good enough "Knee.Lie.順.Shore" like a sand is harder than Chinese said "椽木求魚". ] .). A man who must have that love willing to bring that imperfect woman along with him all the time like his own shadow (The shorter his shadow sho 租房子ws, the closer to the most fair and balance heart like your clock showed at twelve o'clock that commencing and completing "Tie.G" Cycle.) to tell that woman is his only true love woman (A man really falls in love with a woman, must have to love that woman like she's his dearest beloved little siste 房屋買賣r; he has no way to really falling in love with his real little sister, because he has no freedom to choose who's his real little sister [That how he must not afford to have sex with his real sister, because he has no freedom to choose who's his real sister. A man roots his sex without freedom, must have no way t 禮服o grow up his Image of God mankind] , he must have the freedom to choose his own beloved woman.) , that how after that woman leaves her jailed body behind, she can live inside his heart like his own shadow in his own body. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 賣屋  .
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